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Converts PS/2 Keyboard to RS232 Serial Keyboard
A small low-cost module to convert a wired keyboard to an RS232 serial keyboard. Outputs the simple ASCII (serial) characters printed on the keyboard keys. PRO models include user programmability (with non-volatile storage) for up to 16 keys which can output custom characters or strings as needed by the user's application. Accepts a PS2 connector from the keyboard and provides a standard DB9 RS-232 output to connect to your asynchronous serial port. The PS2PRO can be powered by supplying +5VDC, or +6 to +12VDC through the DB9 connector or by the optional 6V wall adapter (purchased separately). Can be ordered in DCE or DTE* pin configurations (both with DB9 female). See configuration notes here.

NOTE:   When selecting a model, consider that in order to program the PS2PRO it must be plugged into a PC COM port which cannot supply power to the PS2PRO. For models -014,-016,-034,-036 which offer no AC Adapter input you must 'tap' the DB9<->DB9 cable to apply 5V power to Pin 4 (-014/034) or Pin 6 (-016/036) ... or purchase a PS2PRO model which accepts AC Adapter power. See model table below.
For wireless keyboard version see WLKB232 model

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PS/2 Converter
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Serial Terminal
PS2PRO Datasheet by Versalent
  • Converts PC-Keyboard Codes to Simple ASCII
  • 16 ASCII or F1-12 keys can be user-programmed for 0-6 char string (non-volatile storage)
  • Non-ASCII Keys Send 8-bit Characters
  • Keyboard LEDs Fully Operational
  • ALT/CTRL Keys Easily Detected By Host
  • RS-232 Connection To Host W/Selectable Baud/Parity. Baud rates from 2400 to 115k
  • Works with wired or wireless PS/2 keyboards
  • Operates on your 5VDC, or 6-12VDC,or w/optional wall adapter (PS2-PWR)
  • Keyboard is 'Hot-Pluggable'
  • Low cost
  • Systems without PS/2 protocol support
  • Embedded systems requiring low cost/full size keyboards
  • Full size override of miniature or limited-key keypads

       PS2PRO is a 2.6" X 1.7" X 0.8" module which provides a complete interface to a standard IBM PC PS/2 keyboard handling the 2-wire keyboard protocol, and converting all the default SCAN SET 2 keycodes to simple ASCII characters. This allows non-PC systems using low-end microcontrollers, or powerhouse microcomputers to use inexpensive PC keyboards without dealing with the complexities of multiple keycodes in real-time. PS2PRO handles all the real-time response requirements of the keyboard protocol and even transparently manages the keyboard LEDs (CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, SCROLL LOCK) independent of the host computer. The host receives just the ASCII characters as printed on the keyboard`s keys (or the custom programmed characters/string) with any modifiers such as the SHIFT keys already applied.
       PS2PRO auto-detects the presence or absence of the keyboard on power up and reports the condition to the host. Full manual is available here. A diagram of all 102 keys and their corresponding serial-character outputs is available here.

PS2PRO-XXX is available with power source and RS-232 options to provide the flexibility to mate to a variety of systems without additional adapters.
*All units whether DTE or DCE provide DB9 female connector
Support Utilities
(Download and run the included .exe)
Simple Term (terminal emulator/displays even non-printable characters) download

ProConfig (configuration program that allows you to define custom output strings) download
See configuration notes here.
Models Available

Model NumberDefining Features
PS2PRO-014 DB9=DCE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4
PS2PRO-016 DB9=DCE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6
PS2PRO-024* DB9=DCE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4, or optional 6V wall adapter
PS2PRO-026* DB9=DCE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6, or optional 6V wall adapter
PS2PRO-034 DB9=DTE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4
PS2PRO-036 DB9=DTE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6
PS2PRO-044* DB9=DTE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4, or optional 6V wall adapter
PS2PRO-046* DB9=DTE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6, or optional 6V wall adapter
* These models cost slightly more due to additional internal regulator.
Note: DCE Models plug directly into COM port with no pin-swaping

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