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  • Converts a wired or wireless USB keyboard to a programmable RS232 keyboard for non-USB systems!
  • Works with any standard USB keyboard

Uses any standard wired or wireless USB keyboard converting it to RS232 for general use with any UART system. WLKB232 is the first device to provide a simple USB HID Composite host which can communicate with a standard USB keyboard and convert the keycodes to standard ASCII RS232 characters for use with any host via a serial UART. In addition the WLKB232 can be user-programmed to override the standard key-cap characters and output alternate characters or strings (up to 10-characters) for any keypress. The typical range of a wireless keyboard to its dongle is 30 feet. Can be ordered in DCE or DTE* pin configurations (both with DB9 female).
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 Versalent WLKB232-xxx
USB Keyboard->RS232 Adapter

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Support Utilities
(Download, unzip, and run the included setup.exe)
Simple Term (terminal emulator/displays even non-printable characters) download

WLKB232 Configuration Program (optional configuration program that allows you to define custom output strings) download
See configuration notes here.

WLKB232 .. converts an RF wireless USB keyboard to a wireless RS232 keyboard
WLKB232 Datasheet by Versalent
  • Converts Wireless Keyboard to programmable RS232-output keyboard
  • Your system does not need USB .. it receives RS232 characters
  • Converts USB-Keyboard Codes to simple ASCII
  • All keys can be programmed to output custom strings
  • Non-ASCII Keys Send 8-bit Characters
  • Keyboard LEDs Fully Operational
  • ALT/CTRL/NUM LOCK fully functional
  • RS-232 Connection To Host W/Selectable Baud/Parity. Baud rates from 600 to 115k
  • Operates on 5VDC, or 6-12VDC,or w/optional wall adapter
  • Systems without USB support, or no HID drivers
  • Embedded systems needing wireless keyboards

       WLKB232 is a 2.6" X 1.7" X 0.8" module which provides translation of wireless USB keycodes to serial RS232 characters. This allows even small microcontroller systems to incorporate wireless keyboards without any of the development complexity of USB and HID drivers. RS232 key-cap characters are available from the wireless keyboard by simply plugging the WLKB232 into your system with a DB9 cable. By operating with standard industry-leading wireless keyboards you get the assurance of a reliable RF link.    Manual available here

Typically works with all USB wireless (and wired) keyboards or keyboard/mouse combos which do NOT require special drivers to operate on a PC. Although most wireless keyboards include a driver CD for special features, many work with the default Microsoft OS USB drivers and these will work with the WLKB232.

WLKB232-xxx is available with power source and RS-232 options to provide the flexibility to mate to a variety of systems without additional adapters.
*All units whether DTE or DCE provide DB9 female connector
Models Available

Model NumberDefining Features
WLKB232-014 DB9=DCE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4
WLKB232-016 DB9=DCE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6
WLKB232-024* DB9=DCE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4, or optional 6-12V wall adapter
WLKB232-026* DB9=DCE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6, or optional 6-12V wall adapter
WLKB232-034 DB9=DTE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4
WLKB232-036 DB9=DTE, +5.0VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6
WLKB232-044* DB9=DTE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 4, or optional 6-12V wall adapter
WLKB232-046* DB9=DTE, 6VDC to 12VDC Power supplied via DB9 Pin 6, or optional 6-12V wall adapter
* These models cost slightly more due to additional internal regulator.
Note: DCE Models plug directly into COM port with no pin-swaping
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