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Converts RS232 to PS2
A small low-cost module to convert RS232 characters to PS2 protocol allowing PC programs to be fully controlled with RS232 characters -- and no software changes. Connects to your asynchronous serial port at baud rates from 1200 to 115k. Power is supplied through the PS2 interface and the female DB9 serial connector can be ordered as DTE or DCE (See Model Number table below). Parity and baud rates are user configured internally.

RS232-PS2 is not user-programmable .. received characters are simply translated to PS2. Received uppercase characters are automatically preceded with a (PS2) SHIFT PRESS-AND-HOLD sequence so the PC correctly interprets the case of arriving characters (ABC abc) or symbols ($#*@! etc) . Function keys, numeric keypad keys, cursor movement, and Home/Insert/Pageup/Pagedn etc PS2 codes can be generated by sending 8-bit RS232 characters (which are beyond the range of normal 7-bit ASCII). This provides complete control of a PC program by simulating a full keyboard, however no special 8-bit characters are required for normal ASCII operation.

Control, ALT, CAPSLOCK and NUMLOCK keys are also simulated by sending 8-bit characters which generate the PS2 codes to emulate the operation of those keys if needed.       Manual   
PS2 Converter
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RS232-PS2 Datasheet by Versalent
  • Converts ASCII characters to PS2
  • 8-bit Characters emulate non-ASCII PS2 functions including CAPSLOCK/NUMLOCK/ALT/CTRL codes
  • Configurable RS232 baud/parity settings.
  • RS232 XON-XOFF handshaking
  • Operates on PS2 power
  • Low cost
  • Systems without PS/2 protocol support
  • Embedded or legacy systems requiring PS2

       RS232-PS2 is a 2.6" X 1.7" X 0.8" module which provides emulation of a complete PS/2 keyboard interface via 8-bit Rs232 characters allowing a serial device to fully control a PC program. All the real-time PS2 requirements are managed -- Your host sends simple ASCII characters which emulate the PS2 codes of a standard PC keyboard. Full manual is available here.

RS232-PS2 is available in various models to simplify connections without additional adapters.
*All units whether DTE or DCE provide DB9 female connector
Models Available

NOTE: PC COM ports are DTE which allows direct plug-in of DCE units, no pin-swapping required.
Model NumberDefining Features
RS232-PS2-010 DB9=DCE, No output power provided on DB9
RS232-PS2-014 DB9=DCE, +5.0VDC @ 100mA power provided on DB9 Pin 4
RS232-PS2-016 DB9=DCE, +5.0VDC @ 100mA power provided on DB9 Pin 6
RS232-PS2-030 DB9=DTE, No power provided on DB9
RS232-PS2-034 DB9=DTE, +5.0VDC @ 100mA power provided on DB9 Pin 4
RS232-PS2-036 DB9=DTE, +5.0VDC @ 100mA power provided on DB9 Pin 6
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