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A small low-cost programming adapter that allows quick and easy power and communications connections for programming Versalent WLKB232 and PS2PRO/X devices. No more custom cables, or external power supplies -- just one USB cable. Operation is fully integrated into Versalent programming applications, and devices are power-protected by active current limiting. The integrated USB COM port allows programming from computers offering no DB9 COM ports.

Auto-adjusts voltage level and current limit based on the model number selected, so a single user setting and it is ready to go. LEDs show active power, RS232 communications activity and current-limiting status. On-screen indicators also show power and current limit status.

Works with all types (USB & PS2) and all models of Versalent keyboard adapters.

NOTES: Versalent devices can be programmed without the use of this programmer, however many newer computers do not offer the required COM port. And some USB COM adapters cannot handle the large bursts of serial programming characters without overflow. Power must also be applied to the device being programmed which can be difficult (without the PROGIT-1) for models that do not use a wall-brick.
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Programing Adapter
PROGIT-1 .. provides USB serial port and power for Versalent device programming
PROGIT-1 Datasheet by Versalent
  • Requires only a PC with a USB port and standard USB cable.
  • Operation fully integtrated into Versalent programming applications.
  • Current limiting protection.
  • ALL Versalent WLKB232 V1 & V2 models
  • ALL Versalent PS2PRO and PRO/X models

       PROGIT-1 is a 2.6" X 1.7" X 0.8" module which simplifies programming connections for all Versalent keyboard adapters. It provides device power from the USB port, and simultaneously provides the USB-RS232 port for communications. No more cable adapters, external power supplies, or DB9 COM port needed. Just plug PROGIT-1 into your PC with a USB cable, plug the device-to-program into PROGIT-1, and run the programming application.

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