USB Products
Wired or Wireless USB To
Serial Keyboard Adapter

WLKB232-xxxV2 manual buy
(V2 = more function)
All keys programmable... 53 In Stock

 WLKB232-xxx manual buy
(.. Original version)
All keys programmable... 53 In Stock
USB Mouse To RS232
Serial Adapter

 USBM232-xxx manual buy
... 21 In Stock
USB Programming Adapter for Keyboard Products
 PROGIT-1 datasheet buy
.. 5 In Stock
Legacy PS2 Products
 PS2PRO-xxx manual buy
Up to 16 keys programmable.. 1 In Stock
 PS2PROX-xxx manual buy
All keys programmable... 1 In Stock
 PS2ADPT-xxx manual buy
NOT programmable... 0 In Stock
 KEYLIM  - Keyboard Terminator buy
 KBOB  - XBOB-4 Keyboard Adapter buy