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Tiny Adjustable 1.25W USB Power Supply that Fits In Your POCKET!

Provides precisely controlled DC power up to +25 Volts DC (PP25P) and -25 Volts DC (PP25N), and up to 250mA without the bulk and weight of a bench power supply. High efficiency due to the internal switching pre-regulator, and quiet, highly regulated output due to the subsequent linear output stage. USB control software offers single-screen management of multiple supplies with optionally assigned tracking. The available DLL allows for your own integration into production or lab processes all at low cost. See the PocketPower application image here
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PocketPower25.. Controllable DC power supply
PocketPower25 Datasheet by Versalent
  • Low cost, small size, precise power
  • Lab quality 1.25W programmable supply, fits in your pocket!
  • No knobs or dials -- fully software controlled
  • Precise 0 to +/-25V output in 10mv increments
  • Precise current limiting in 1mA increments to 250mA*
  • Works with any USB 500mA port (USB 1,2,3)
  • Stable with any load and thermally protected
  • Windows control app and/or DLL for your own integration
  • Web browser & XML web service for remote viewing/control
*Max current available at any voltage = 1.25W/Output Voltage

  • Limited-space power, travelling demos, prorotyping/design
  • Multiple tracking supplies
  • Product testing, general lab use
  • Student desk test-bench
Max Currents Available (1.25W)
Output VoltageMax Current

       PocketPower25 is a 2.25" X 2.4" X 1" module which provides up to 1.25 watts of very controllable positive/negative DC power. It derives all power and control from a standard USB port, so works with any desktop or laptop computers with standard USB ports.    Manual available here

Voltage and current are precisely controlled and programmable up to +/-25V/250mA using the supplied Windows application or DLL so multiple devices can be configured in a tracking configuration. The outputs are NOT isolated from the USB ground, so there are separate models to provide positive and negative voltage. PP25P provides positive voltage, PP25N provides negative voltage.

How Does it Work?

PocketPower25 provides precise and widely adjustable DC power by combining a switching pre-regulator with a linear output stage. Because USB power is very limited, the pre-regulator provides for efficiency while the linear stage provides for excellent control, load regulation, and quiet output.
Software Utilities available for download

PocketPower25 is supplied with a 3.5mm X 1.3mm output cable with test hooks for connection to its load. An optional and very flexible USB cable with micro USB connector is available separately.
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