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MSTOR - USB (Thumb) drive Interface for non-USB systems
by Versalent
MSTOR - Mass Storage Adapter -- a low-cost, small USB host adapter with an embedded disk file system that brings USB thumb drives to any non-USB system through a UART .     A simple command set lets you create and modify files and navigate and manage a directory structure, and even provides optional encryption. Timestamps are automatically managed and files can be read/written/modified/encrypted easily. The FAT file system is PC compatible! A companion configuration program allows you to set baud rate, control encryption with your own unique encryption key, set read/write timeouts etc. Disk data is transferred in blocks that are CRC'd to verify data integrity. For flexibility connection is via a DB9 connector or screw terminals. MSTOR IMAGE
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MSTOR Datasheet by Versalent

MSTOR    USB drive interface for microcontrollers

  • Provides interface to standard USB drives, FAT formatted, PC compatible
  • Provides simple microcontroller communication interfaces (RS232/485)
  • Can be 'hot-swapped' during idle times
  • Optionally encrypts files using your own 128-bit (16 character) AES key
  • Onboard battery backed real-time clock(1+ year life)
  • Low cost and small: 3.1" X 1.7" X 0.83"
  • DB9 connector and screw terminal connections, USB TYPE-A for drive


  • Small systems without USB needing large/removal storage
  • nonUSB systems requiring data transfer to/from a PC
  • Small systems requiring remote/physically protected or encrypted storage

       MSTOR is a small module/adapter that brings up to 32 gig of standard mass storage to small computer systems that do not have a USB port. The file system allows a user to send simple commands to List Files and Directories, Read/Write/Erase Files, Make/Delete Directories, manage encryption, and more ... to a USB drive without any FAT file system coding. A companion program for Windows PCs is provided to configure MSTOR and exercise all its features. Full manual here

User Selectable

  • Interface .. RS232/RS485
  • Disk Location .. Externally Accessible
MSTOR is available with the following options:
  • 5 VDC input or 6-12VDC input
  • DB9 connector for RS232 signals (RS232 and Logic-level serial signals available on screw-terminals)
ModelDescription (All with Screw-Terminals)
MSTOR-5DSMSTOR 5VDC w/DB9 and screw terminals
MSTOR-VDSMSTOR 6-12VDC w/DB9, screw terminals and 2.1mm power jack
Dual RS232/RS485 Interfaces
Interface TypeDescriptionTransfer Speed Typical
RS232/485Industry Std. 3-wire, long distance (> 100 feet) ~8kbyte/sec(@115kBaud)
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USB drive, disk storage, mass storage nonUSB, non-USB