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A small low-cost module to convert a standard PC PS/2 keyboard to a simple on-screen text overlay editor for the XBOB-4 video overlay unit from
Decade Engineering . KBOB coupled with the XBOB-4 adds text in selectable fonts on top of your video image so you can embed any relevant messages into your live video stream with ease.

Editing commands use simple, intuitive single keystrokes that implement the   XBOB-4   video unit's command set automatically. By translating the PC keyboards complex scan-codes to the RS232 character sequences of the XBOB's edit-control language, the KBOB provides a low-cost, simple to operate on-screen editor that does not require the use of an expensive PC and therefore can remain conveniently connected and ready to use at any time. Included is a Y power-cable adapter to allow your XBOB-4 wall supply to power both the XBOB-4 and the KBOB.

XBOB-4 = eXtended Basic Overlay Board
KBOB    = Keyboard Interface for Basic Overlay Board
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Serial Terminal
KBOB .. converts standard PC keyboard to an XBOB-4 on-screen text editor
PS2ADPT Datasheet by Versalent
  • Requires no PC to operate .. just a PS/2 keyboard.
  • Condenses XBOB-4 command set to single-keystroke editing.
  • Simple font selection with F1 - F8 keys
  • Simple cursor control using keyboard arrow keys
  • RS-232 connection to XBOB at many baud rates
  • KBOB and XBOB operate from same supply
  • Keyboard is 'Hot-Pluggable'
  • Video overlayed with text display
  • Text display without video background

       KBOB is a 2.6" X 1.7" X 0.8" module which along with a standard PS/2 keyboard provides a simple on-screen video text-overlay editor for the XBOB-4 video overlay unit. KBOB plugs directly into the RS232 serial port of the XBOB-4 and condenses the XBOB-4 editing command set down to simple one-keystroke commands to select fonts, move the cursor, set feature areas like bold/reverse/flash, and other basic editing features. Full manual is available here.

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