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General Description DPM4 system diagram

The DPM4 digital panel meter system provides one to four 4-digit LED panel meters. The optional meters are tethered to the Control Unit with a ribbon cable up to 18 feet long and each includes its own panel-mount bezel for any physical arrangement of meters. Signal and power wiring all connect to the Control Unit only. Meters can be configured for differential operation and each offers 19 different input range options. The programmable 8-decimal-digit scaling factors eliminate the need for analog pot adjustments. Programmable scaling and offset allows the meters to convert ANY available input range to ANY display range from -9999 to +9999 with decimal points automatically placed as needed. The Configurator application requires just a few simple entries to generate and download the scaling factors. And the configuration can be dynamically changed to alter the scaling from lbs and kilos, nanometers to microns etc. in an instant through the RS232 command port allowing a host to be hundreds of feet away.
Advantages Over Conventional Panel Meters

  • LOW COST -- A DPM4 costs much less than a standard comparable 4-digit panel meter, and up to 3 additional meters can be added for a very low incremental cost. The 3 tethered meters can be up to 18 feet away from the control unit. Also available as 2-channel DPM4/2 for even lower cost.

  • VERSATILE -- Conventional meters offer pot-adjustment for scaling requiring user recalibration. And they typically offer no offsets so zero-input reads zero. DPM4 provides programmable, digital scaling/offsetting resulting in meters that can accept ANY input and produce ANY output from -9999 to +9999. Example: signal input range of -3.25V to +9.5V can produce displays of 0 to 100, or -75.35 to +9950! Anything you need using the highly precise 8-decimal-digit scale/offset factors.

  • DYNAMICALLY REPROGRAMMABLE -- Once configured, conventional meters are fixed and display a single scale. The DPM4 is dynamically reprogrammable so scaling can be changed from lbs to grams, AND it can temporarily display RS232-received messages like 'Err9', 'EOL-' -- anything displayable with 7-segment digits in solid or flashing formats. Meters individually dimmable to 8 brightness levels.

  • REMOTELY ACCESS METER READINGS -- Most conventional meters are stand-alone and do not transmit their measurements. The DPM4 can be remotely queried for its display values so that host systems can monitor and react to industrial or laboratory processes, generating alarms, or simply logging process values. RS232 communications allow a host system to be hundreds of feet of away.

  • SMALL SIZE -- Each DPM4 unit is 2.6" X 1.6" X 1" (not including bezel) making them small enough to replace existing meters, or even fit inside your product enclosure.

  • Online Simulator lets you test-drive.
Detailed Description

Each of the up-to-4 independent meters provides 0.36" high red 7-segment LED digits. Once configured the DPM4 can operate autonomously, or can be dynamically reprogrammed to change scaling, or even display text messages provided by a remote host via RS232. Can be ordered with 2 or 4 analog channels and up to 3 additional (tethered) displays. The channels can be configured as separate or differential (CHX - CHY measurements).

The wide-ranging flexibility of multiple analog signals, multiple displays, selectable mapping between them, and so many available hardware ranges requires an organizing application to manage. Plus the calculation of scaling and offset factors would be difficult without automated help. The Versalent Configurator is a Windows application that generates all the scaling factors and display mappings. User input is reduced to entering a few simple values: (for each channel) a signal input range: low-value, and high value such as 0.0V and 4.00V . And the desired meter readings associated with these inputs such as 100 and 9000. The configurator computes and downloads the factors to make your display do it!. A simple checkbox grid allows mapping the channels to displays.

A host can issue RS232 commands to alter the scaling/display-mappings dynamically. The Configurator can generate alternate scaling/mappings to change the display from lbs to kilograms for instance. The alternate configurations can be stored in your host and sent to the DPM4 whenever the display requires re-scaling, or meters need to switch positions. Configuration messages are short and a meter can completely change its operation in a few milliseconds.
Full Manual           DPM4 4-CH Meter System           Configurator Application

DPM4 channels are factory-configured to accept a specific signal input range. They should be purchased with the closest input range that encompasses the signal range. If a sensor generates 0-8V , a 0-10V channel (rather than 0-20V) provides the best measurement resolution. Multi-channel DPM4's need separate input range designators for each input channel
Available DPM4 Meter Input Ranges
Range # Input Range
0 0.0 to +200mv
2 0.0 to 1.0V
4 0.0 to 2.0V
6 0.0 to 2.50V
8 0.0 to 4.0V
10 0.0 to 5.0V
12 0.0 to 10.0V
14 0.0 to 20.0V
16 0.0 to 50.0V
18 4mA to 20mA
Range # Input Range
1 -200mv to +200mv
3 -1.0V to +1.0V
5 -2.0V to +2.0V
7 -2.50V to +2.50V
9 -4.0V to +4.0V
11 -5.0V to +5.0V
13 -10.0V to +10.0V
15 -20.0V to +20.0V
17 -50.0V to +50.0V
- -
Model Numbers:

Order as model number followed by hyphen-separated channel range numbers from the above table. Examples:
  • A 2-channel DPM4/2, channel 1: 0-200mv (Range= 0) , channel 2: -10 to +10V (Range = 13)
        Part Number is: DPM4/2-0-13

  • A 4-channel DPM4 channel 1: -5V to+ 5V (Range =11), channel 2: 4ma-20mA (Range =18), channel 3: -20V to +20V (Range =15), channel 4: -200mv to +200mv (Range =1)
        Part Number is: DPM4-11-18-15-1
DPM4 Settings/Size/Terminals
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